Monday, June 15, 2009

WhAt WiLL hApPeN nExT?

Nowadays when we talk about Palestine-Israel issues, many response will we get from this issue...
"Ah let us destroy israel!! we can't just let israel destroy our noble place, Baitul Maqdis". It's a very high spirit expression when we heard about cruelty of Israel regime on Palestinians.

Ironically, it's just an expressions of our anger on Israel atrocious action on Palestine citizens. But, the reality is Israeli always enlarge their residence on Palestine soil(third most noble place in Islam after Makkah and Madinah).

But what is our action to overcome this problem???


Burn Israel's Flag?

Peace Declaration under Israel?

That's all are nonsense!!! And effortless...hurh! it's just waste of our energy.
There is no solution of this problem as long as the arabic betrayer(Hosni Mobarak and his selfish Friends) not involve in the resolution of this problem!

All of them are the cause why this Palestine-Israel issue can not be solved after this issue has been incessant for a long time.(since 1948) Those people who were exacerbate the situations, shows unconcern about palestine cause Israel grab the chances to act more wickly and agressively kill thousands of human souls recently. This 'Holocaust' cause they are more closer to achieve their dreams as they thought they can build their own country on palestinian land by killing and send out forcefully those unfortunate peoples.

These betrayer only want to preserve their importance in the relationship with Unted States of America and Israel in term of economy and many more for their goods. So there is no unity in muslim world to help each other through thick and thin.

We can preserve and conserve our dignity of Islam as it's golden age during our prophet's era where all the community live in peace no war.

We as muslim should help our community of islam. If we do not take our responsibility to overcome this problem, who else??? And WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT in our islamic world????


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